Cycling Sources #3- Looking Right Ahead

There may well be something universal in dreaming of sunshine, warmth and spring during these dark and dreary months at the beginning of the year. The article below appeared in Cycling in January 1893, and a hundred and twenty-two years later it has certainly struck a chord with me. With January on its very last legs it perhaps now is indeed the right time to, ‘look right ahead for the sunny months of the near future.’

‘It is indeed relieving to know we are on the high road to the next merry cycling season. The shortest day is behind us, Christmas ’92 has tumbled way back into the past, and has joined all those other Christmases that we can remember, from the days of childhood when they used to seem ages instead of months apart, upwards to the present time when they seem to come round all too quickly. True, the New Year is very young yet, but the whirling of time does spin us around so quickly nowadays, that one may be excused for glancing at the coming seasons prospects so early. I like looking ahead in these dark days of winter. The future may appear dark and mystical, still while we have life it is very nice and very natural to contemplate its future in cheerful fashion.’

‘The end of winter within reasonable distance, the darker months of winter past, the cycler will now watch eagerly for the first dawn of spring, and will equally eager expectancy will he look forward to his first holiday awheel. It is pleasant thus to anticipate happy times in store. I can already clearly imagine those jolly weekend spins; those early rides with the cooling breeze fanning the cheek, before the sun has attained its fiercest heat, and the pleasing smell of the country wood fire, reminding one of, and sharpening the appetite for, breakfast’.

‘It is all before us, and every day that passes hastens the approach of the wheel season. ‘Past and to come seem best, things present worst’, wrote poet William, of Stratford-on-Avon, many years ago, and today with London enveloped in solid fog, I feel inclined to endorse his opinion, and to look right ahead for the sunny months of the near future.’