If you’re interested about anything on the blog or would like to discuss any aspect of cycling history then I would love to hear from you! The best way to get in touch is through my email address: You can also follow The Victorian Cyclist on Twitter:

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    • Hi Philip, thankyou for your kind words on the blog, and many thanks for sharing the article you published, I’d never really come across any of the topics covered in it so made for a really interesting read- the story of Helene Dutrieu I found to be particularly fascinating- what an amazing career! And loved the way you connected the two stories up at the end, thanks again for sharing it.


  1. Very interesting blog. Privately, I will email you a piece I wrote in 2015 for The Marylebone Journal about a cyclist run down by Lord Portman’s carriage, whilst on the Portman Estate, and in Portman Square!

    My own curious Victorian interest – beyond Marylebone – is Victorian Clerical Scandals.


    • Hi Stuart, really sorry for the incredibly late reply. And yes I do – in the book I’ve just written (I’ve just done a new blog post about it for some context) I’ve finished the chapter about sociability/club life with a section on the Clarion clubs. I went to Manchester archives to look at their fantastic collection of Clarion source material, and have also read Dennis Pye’s excellent book. Have you done any research/have a particular interest in them?


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